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Art Bell Ange Tomakomai

The wooden interior of the chapel gives off certain kind of dignity and warmth, and creates dream-like atmosphere. The pure-white marble virgin road that paves the way to the altar is another charm that this chapel has to offer.
From the 10m high ceiling rests a glimmering chandelier that brightens up any photograph. It makes a memorable scene when you and your partner make your vows in front of the Cross. In this dream-like environment, it further illuminates the bride, bringing out the beauty and love towards each other.
At the outside staircase, why not release a bundle of colorful balloons up into the grand, blue sky? It's almost like a dream, and creates a warm experience for you and your partner.
Also, you can request for the recently popular "traditional Japanese" theme as well. The "traditional Japanese" style is different from the chapel, and has a different kind of majestic and holy beauty to it. The traditional Japanese kimono has an elegance that no wedding dress can convey. So we also recommend this style as well; a style that can only be fully experienced in Japan.
You can choose between the chapel and the "traditional Japanese" style. Along with that, you can head to the nearby harbor and have your photoshoot there as well.
We hope to help you create an unfading memory between you two in Japan.

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Message from staff


It is now possible to photograph your trip in Hokkaido as well! You can create even more memories during your time in Hokkaido. We recommend you take a "traditional Japanese" style photoshoot at Tarumaesan Shrine, and a photoshoot with dress at the harbor in Tomakomai! Let's create some great memories!


2-7-6, Sumiyoshi-cho, Tomakomai-shi, Hokkaido, Japan.

  • From Sapporo Area: Take the Hokkaido Expressway to Tomakomai-higashi IC. Approx. 20 min from the exit.
  • From Muroran Area: Take the Hokkaido Expressway to Tomakomai-nishi IC. Approx. 20 min from the exit.