A 6 minute walk from the JR Kitami Station or a 50 minute drive from the Memanbetsu Airport. Not only is it easily accessible, our chapel has a pure white appearance along with a beautiful garden making it a very convenient for the pair. As you walk inside, you will be welcomed by vivid greens, giving the white chapel with touch of natural colors. Our "garden chapel" will surely fit your ceremony.The pure-white interior of the chapel, including the virgin road, creates innocent and romantic atmosphere suited for the couples filled with happiness. The soft rays of sunlight will illuminate the chapel, creating a picture-perfect moment for you and your significant other. The cross illuminates brightly, almost alluding to your future, and creates a romantic scene for you to make your vows. We want to help make a moment that will last forever with your loved one.Also, the European-style private terrace that is connected to the chapel is a popular place for photoshoots. On the terrace, there is a water fountain that makes a great background for photoshoots; from releasing a bundle of colorful balloons into the blue sky and having "flower showers". When the wedding ceremony ends, why not ring the tower bell and create a romantic moment between you and your loved one? We will capture every moment of your happiness for you.

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Message from staff


The terrace in front of the chapel is inspired by European designs.
It is perfect for photoshoots; you will be illuminated by the sun's natural light for your picture.
While in Japan, we also recommend you the kimono as well.
You can easily access our chapel from train station. The on-site accommodation let you forget about transportation back to the hotel.


1-8-1, Kita 6 Jo-nishi, Kitami-shi, Hokkaido, Japan.

  • By Train: approx. 6 min. walk from JR Kitami Station
  • By car: approx. 50 minutes from Memanbetsu Airport