Hokkaido photogenic wedding




A main dish in life, in colorful Hokkaido.

Enjoy a full course of meal called life once in a life time with only one person.
Supporting the days until the sweet and sour dessert, it may be one of the memorable photos.
Special place to realize the ideal location for a wonderful day to stay in your heart forever.
Bellclassic is committed to help you have not only a spot in Hokkaido but a refined photo wedding for adults.

HOKKAIDOThe Place in Hokkaido


Spacious blue sky, and clear air in the rich natural environment Hokkaido, the island filled with Japanese beauty, where you feel close to its colorful nature. Not only place but feelings, the time to spend under the sky that is different than usual will deepen the ties between two people.
When you become familiar with the nature, vow in the land of Hokkaido, and are energized, new life of two people will be perfect. To catch the unforgettable moment at the place everyone is attracted.

HOKKAIDO / The Place in Hokkaido


Three happy things.

Three happy things to have special time.
Away from din and bustle, to the moment to liberate your body ans soul.

  • Two plans to choose

    Two plans to choose

    Two plans to choose
    We offer 2 kinds of plans to choose according to your taste.
    Our total coordination will make photos finished like a movie with plot.

  • Carefully selected venues unique to Hokkaido

    Carefully selected venues unique to Hokkaido

    Carefully selected locations for photos only taken in Hokkaido.
    Take photos of the moment of love between 2 people at a specious spot.

  • Plenty of optional items are also available.

    Plenty of optional items are also available.

    A wide lineup including special dresses going well with the color of Hokkaido and a variety of wedding items.
    Produce a stylish photo to which we have paid attention to detail.



Happiness in Hokkaido special,

especially both in summer and in winter, it can make you feel a special atmosphere.
To the colorful and luxurious seasonal just for 2 people.


We reserched the area whitch you may be interested in.

in Hokkaido, There are so many spots whitch mke photo wedding like drawings
come true.

北海道ならではのロケーション MoerenumaPark houheikyouDam BieiArea DaisetsuMori-noGarden FuranoArea